The Financial Empowerment Emotional Literacy (F.E.E.L.) Philosophy

Financial Empowerment Emotional Literacy (F.E.E.L) is designed to teach people how to recognize the influence of their emotions on their financial decisions. F.E.E.L is not a set of skills we teach, it’s a life style that we live.  A person that can properly manage their eating habits, their time, and their relationships can also properly manage their finances. The financial component of F.E.E.L is built around the four timeless rules: Saving effectively, Borrowing properly, Controlling your cost of living, and Diversification by allowing your money to work for you instead of you working for it.

Emotional spending is a result of people’s secondary needs for power, choices, love, and beauty. Unlike peoples primary needs for air, food, health, and shelter; these need are rooted into the way people Save, Borrow, Control Cost, and Diversify. F.E.E.L helps people both to identify their needs and to identify the feelings surrounding these needs. Feelings dictate reckless spending habits, and until people identify these feelings they will never get what they’re really paying for.

Financial is the kind of world we live in and knowing how to navigate its markets is basic to survival. 

Empowerment is understanding that we are in control. A professional is a person who knows their craft better than most. And know one should know your financial situation better than you, which makes you the professional.

Emotional awareness is the key. Once we are able to identifying our secondary needs and feelings, our feelings will no longer dictates our spending without our permission. 

Literacy is financial education. We must know that knowledge without action is still reckless spending. Knowledge with action is Financial Empowerment Emotional Literacy (F.E.E.L).